New Craft Beers


Irish craft breweries have seen a huge increase over the last few years and The Club is taking advantage with a huge selection of craft beers from Franciscan Well to Wicked Wolf.

Selection of Craft Beers
Franciscan Well – Chieftan IPA Pint: €5.25 Glass: €2.75 (Cork)
Franciscan Well – Rebel Red Pint: €5.25 Glass: €2.75 (Cork)
Smithwicks – Pale Ale Pint: €5.25 Glass: €2.75 (Kilkenny)
Smithwicks – Blonde Pint: €5.25 Glass: €2.75 (Kilkenny)
Smithwicks – Red Ale Pint: €4.75 Glass: €2.75 (Kilkenny)
Wicked Wolf – Emulation IPA Pint: €5.80 Glass: €2.75 (Wicklow)
Wicked Wolf – Amber Ale Lrg Bottle: €5.50 (Wicklow)
Roundstone – Red Ale Pint: €4.00 Glass: €2.65 (Northern Ireland)
Guiness – Hop House Pint: €5.15 Glass: €2.75

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